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The journey of Mangatrai began in the late 18th century when Mangatrai’s father Sri Chittarmalji left Jhajjar (Haryana) for Hyderabad (known as Hyderabad Deccan then) in search of livelihood, by walk as there were no train facilities those days. He reached Hyderabad Deccan after a period of 6 to 8 months.

Then in the early 19th century, that is, 1905, Mangatrai set up a business that dealt in Pearls Jewellery in the popular Charminar area with a partner. His son Ram Kumar at the age of 15 years joined him in the year 1930 to help run the business. Later Ram Kumar got married and had three sons, Sri Radheshyam, Sri Chaganlal and Sri Vishnu. In September, 1957, Radheshyam at the age of 15 years joined the business to help run the affairs of the business that was now located at Gulzar House near Charminar. On 7th July 1961, Mangatrai opened another showroom at Pathergatti and Ram Kumar’s second son Sri Chaganlal joined him to manage the showroom’s affairs.

In March, 1962, Ram Kumar died at an early age. Subsequently, the third son Sri Vishnu joined the Business to help out the affairs of the growing jewellery business.

By this period, Hyderabad saw the influx of many tourists including Foreigners as the reputation of Hyderabad grew and the news of the beauty of its pearls started spreading far and wide. Hyderabad began to be known as a famous City of Pearls, wherein people could get the finest of world class pearls. Pearls trade began to thrive at a rapid pace and the business of the Mangatrai’s began to grow rapidly as well.

In 1987, Mangatrai Jewellers expanded its footprints and set up a showroom in the Basheerbagh area. The business was joined by 4th generation scions of Mangatrai, Sri Ajay Gupta and Sri Rajesh Gupta. Later other sons also joined the business. After 90years of pearls business, Mangatrai ventured into Gold and Diamond Jewellery segment

Having come a long way, Mangatrai Jewellers has become a brand in itself that is widely recognized across geographical boundaries as a prestigious name in jewellery business, especially Pearls Jewellery

Mangatrai peerless Pearls collection includes South sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and Natural pearls, each woven intricately in a range of items including necklaces, ear rings, bangles, etc.

Just as Pearls are a symbol of love, so is MANGATRAI synonymous with pearls.
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